Saturday, February 28, 2009

On the verge of a freak out...

Well I'm starting to get a little overwhelmed about this big trip. I am looking forward to it, thinking about warm weather is enough to put me at ease, but nasty little creeping worries keep popping up in my head too. The main thing is the economy and the uncertainty of how much the art market is going to be affected. I know we are going to have to test the waters sooner or later, I mean this is what we do, we're artists, we have to get out there and sell our work. But to drive all the way to Arizona from Oregon, and be gone for the whole month? What a way to test it, we're diving right in! Alas, I try to keep the faith. My husbands work is beautiful, and he always gets a positive reaction at these shows I just need to pack.

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