Friday, February 20, 2009

The Beads and the Life.

Here's a set from yesterdays batch that I thought were neat, but they were so hard to name! Usually when naming my beads I look at them and try to quickly associate with them, but this morning I was stumped and kept thinking about spicy exotic food! You'll see more of this when you see another set I'm listing called Creole. (I guess I'm hungry.) So I ended up calling them Toasty because they're all the warm colors of a roaring fire. They'll be going on etsy.

Now on to the life portion of the blog... So we have this coyote that has been hanging around. When I first saw it I thought it was so cute, out in the field, hunting for mice or what ever. But then I realized it was watching our house! And then I thought what if it's stalking our cats! THEN, I worried about the walk I take down to the mail box every morning. (It's a little less than a quarter mile down a wooded driveway.) My husband assured me the coyote is probably more scared of me, but still. What if it's rabid?!? Ok, now I'm just being an alarmist, but I'm carrying the machete with me none the less. Ha!

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