Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Kiln is Possessed!

Oh! What a day! It's enough to drive me insane! My stupid kiln has a mind of it's own! I turn it on, set it on my usual holding temperature, then bang out of no where it's ramping up to over 1000 degrees! WTF?!? So I turn it to low and it won't settle down, finally I just had to turn it off. And this continued all day. I'd turn it on to low, it would get crazy hot, I'd turn it off, and on, and off. I could barely go inside for a drink of water for fear it would get raging hot and ruin all my beads! My husband thinks we just need to change a switch...I hope he's right!

Sorry this is so grumpy. On a lighter note, I do think I made some cool beads today. I'm looking forward to seeing them tomorrow! :)

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